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Magnesium chloride

The first step of the production processes is the extraction of magnesium chloride via solution mining. Solution mining is a method for extracting minerals from the earth using water. By pumping water into the ground, the minerals, in this case magnesium chloride, are dissolved, allowing extraction of a water and magnesium chloride solution. A portion of the magnesium chloride is sold as a solution or as flakes. The largest portion is taken to the manufacturing location for further processing. Click here for more information on the applications of magnesium chloride.

Calcium chloride

In the next step of the production process dolomite and water are added to the pure magnesium chloride, initiating a chemical reaction which produces magnesium hydroxide and calcium chloride. The calcium chloride is further processed in the calcium chloride plant. The processed calcium chloride is sold as solutions in various concentrations (16-38%) and in solids as prills. A distinction is made in production for food-related and technical applications. Click here for more information on the applications of calcium chloride.

Magnesium hydroxide

The separated magnesium hydroxide is concentrated, after which a majority is sent to the ovens for the production of magnesium oxide (see below). The rest of the mixture is processed further into stable magnesium hydroxide. During various stages, the oxide particles present in the mixture react to form magnesium hydroxide. The product is stabilised in the final stage. Click here for more information on the applications of magnesium hydroxide.

Magnesium oxide

For the next production step the magnesium hydroxide is heated in ovens, removing all water and reducing reactivity. This produces Caustic Calcined Magnesia (CCM), a very high-grade soft-burned magnesium oxide powder. Click here for more information on Caustic Calcined Magnesia.

To produce DBM, the CCM powder is compressed into lumps which are then heated again in an oven, resulting in concentrated, high-purity pellets of 98.5% magnesium oxide, or Dead Burned Magnesia. Click here for more information on the applications of DBM.

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