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Pulp bleaching

Nedmag is offering the pulp & paper industry a novel and sustainable pulp bleaching technology. In addition to being environmentally-friendly, the technology also delivers cost savings by ensuring optimised use of magnesium sulphate, caustic soda, silicate and/or hydrogen peroxide in the recipes.

Multiple performance benefits can be achieved by using   in pulp bleaching. This includes higher brightness, less COD/BOD burden (typically a reduction of 40% can be achieved), better pulp dewatering, and consequently higher yield and cleaner water circuits. Furthermore, magnesium hydroxide has the potential to significantly improve productivity of paper machines and pulp production lines by reducing down time for process equipment cleaning.Magnesium hydroxide is non-hazardous, non-corrosive and very safe to handle.

Depending on the pulp processes used to separate the wood fibres, magnesium hydroxide provides additional benefits.  Basically one can distinguish between mechanical, chemical and deinked pulping processes.  

In mechanical pulping wood fibres are liberated from each other by mechanical energy. Within the pulp bleaching process magnesium hydroxide provides the following specific benefits:

  • Significant cost savings per ton pulp at equivalent or higher pulp brightness, by eliminating or reducing caustic soda and sodium silicate.
  • Pulp bleaching with magnesium hydroxide has similar properties as pulp bleached by the conventional process

In chemical pulping, notably kraft pulping, wood fibres are separated by dissolving in a chemical solution. Magnesium hydroxide can be utilised in the oxygen delignification step, the alkaline extraction step, and the peroxide bleach stage. Within these processes magnesium hydroxide provides the following specific benefits:

  • Significant cost savings  per ton of pulp, by replacing (partially) magnesium sulphate and caustic soda.
  • Increased pulp brightness due to optimised pH profile
  • Additional cost savings by decreasing chemcials like hydrogen peroxide


Nedmag has entered into a strategic alliance with Imerys to cater to European pulp & paper industry. Through their combined resources, the partners are in an excellent position to bring a unique combination of technology and application expertise to the pulp industry.

An experienced team specialised in pulp bleaching with magnesium hydroxide will provide full support with the transformation in the utilisation of magnesium hydroxide. Furthermore, the research facilities of Nedmag and Imerys are at its consumer’s disposal.

Imerys will ensure exclusive market and sales development in most European countries while the Nordic countries will continue to be served exclusively by Nedmag’s well established distribution partner Banmark.

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