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Corporate Responsibility

Nedmag distinguishes four sub-areas for corporate responsibility:

Surroundings: Nedmag feels closely linked to the area in which the company is based and attaches importance to a good relationship, in open communication, with the government authorities and those living in the vicinity.

Staff: Nedmag is responsible for a safe and healthy working environment in which members of staff can be deployed for the long term. We learn from incidents by discussing them throughout the company, and by working with quarterly safety themes.

Environment: Nedmag views it as its duty to handle natural resources carefully and has objectives aimed at reducing energy consumption (and with it CO2 emission).

Market: Nedmag delivers high-quality products and has a strong commitment to innovation. We work closely with customers and suppliers, and develop sustainable applications.

Nedmag is accredited for ISO 9001, ISO 22000, GMP+ and ISO 14001.


Attention for the environment is an important part of Nedmag’s operational practices. It goes without saying that we strictly comply with applicable mining and environmental legislation. Our ISO 14001 certificate shows that Nedmag is constantly working to improve its environmental performance. The most important environmental subject when extracting salt is subsidence. Energy consumption plays a major role during the production processes of the various end products. Our installations and furnaces are gas-fired. CO is one of the emissions released during these combustion processes.

Various projects aimed at improving the environment have been implemented in recent years. Here are a few examples:

  • Thanks to optimisation of the production processes, less residual salt water is being discharged into the Eems-Dollard, a reduction of around 1 million m3 annually since 2012.
  • In 2014 Nedmag consumed 5% less gas per tonne of product (and released less CO ₂) due to production process optimisation.
  • Dust emission has been radically reduced through the installation of several filter systems.

In the coming years, too, there are various environment improvement projects on the agenda, such as:

  • Replacing the fan on a cooling tower at the mine site that causes low-frequency noise. Not everyone can hear this low humming sound, but those who can hear and feel it find it extremely unpleasant.
  • The replacement of several obsolete storage tanks for the liquid salt production with new, more modern types.
  • A further reduction of energy consumption and accompanying CO2 emission.

Nedmag products are increasingly being used for environmentally friendly applications. Among other things, the products are used as an environmentally friendly alternative for existing chemicals used in the paper and pulp industry, wastewater treatment and flue gas cleaning systems. Magnesium hydroxide is used inter alia for the recovery of phosphate from wastewater. 

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