Winter road maintenance

Calcium chloride is a very effective defrosting agent. Nedmag's products contribute to road safety in winter, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Because of the large production volume of calcium chloride, Nedmag supplies a large part of Europe, including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Scandinavia, and Great Britain, but also the USA, Russia, and Canada.

In Europe, liquid calcium chloride is predominantly used to moisten the traditional road salt (sodium chloride). This causes the salt to stick to the roads better, which allows for faster thawing and prevents the salt being blown to the side of the road by wind from passing cars.

calcium chloride

In North America and Russia, calcium chloride is used in both liquid and solid forms, because the effect of traditional salt is no longer sufficient at lower temperatures and for stubborn ice deposits. Calcium chloride has a better thawing effect at lower temperatures.

Furthermore, the product is better for the environment. A few years ago in Moscow, for example, a switch was made to calcium chloride, because the enormous amounts of sodium chloride being spread was causing too much damage to the trees.


  • It can be accurately dosed.
  • The salt sticks to the road; preventing it from blowing away.
  • Because the salt remains on the road longer, the thawing effect lasts longer.
  • More effective operation results in savings on road salt, sometimes up to 50%.
  • The reduced salt load makes it more environmentally friendly.

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