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What does it entail to bring magnesium salt up from 1600 metres below ground? How do our machines work? How do you turn magnesium salt into a useful product? We use many different techniques at Nedmag. And we are happy to tell you all about it!

Guided tour

Would you and your classmates like to visit Nedmag? No problem! Ask your teacher to make an appointment for a guided tour by phoning +31 (0)598 651 911 or sending an email to info [at]

AOT North

Nedmag believes it is important for youth to be introduced to engineering. That is why we participate in AOT (All-round Operational Engineer) and offer good opportunities for interns and graduates of various intermediate vocational educations' engineering programmes.

Traineeship at Nedmag

Are you following a higher professional education or university degree and would you like to do an internship at Nedmag? See the page Careers for an overview of all our internship placements.

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