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What does Nedmag do?

The remnants of the Zechstein Sea lie beneath Veendam, 2000 meters below the ground. A primeval sea full of minerals and salts that dried up millions of years ago and lay untouched in the soil... until 1972. Researchers encounter a remnant of the primeval sea and find a rare, bischofite salt layer. The salt layer appears to contain unusually pure magnesium salt. Because of this high purity the applications of Nedmag's magnesium salt are endless.

Our products

Nedmag has two locations in the north of the Netherlands: a mining location where we extract high quality magnesium salt (magnesium chloride) and a production site where the production of Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM), calcium chloride, and magnesium hydroxide takes place. 

Countless applications

Because the magnesium salt from this salt layer is of a very high quality, our products make the difference in countless applications. Our products are used all over the world for a range of applications including the production of refractory bricks, bleaching pulp, and combatting icy roads. In fact, our magnesium salt is so pure that it is even seeing increased use in the food, medical, and cosmetics industries.

Markets and applications

High quality

Nedmag has an R&D department to improve and develop products and applications. Moreover, we have our own quality control lab, where the quality of our products is being continuously controlled.


Nedmag's products are sold in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia.

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