Magnesium oxide

Magnesium oxide (MgO)—synthetically produced from dolime and magnesium chloride—is Nedmag’s main product. Magnesium oxide is sold as caustic powder (CCM) in small portions. Most of the magnesium oxide is processed into Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM), also called sintered magnesia. Nedmag 99 is our DBM grade with a purity close to 99%, therefore it is called ‘close to perfection’.


"High quality DBM with unrivalled consistency and purity."

Nedmag99 magnesium oxide caustic powder is a high quality, light-burned magnesium oxide. Nedmag99, our high quality, synthetic Dead Burned Magnesia has the following properties:

  • High pure MgO content > 98%
  • Contains little boron < 0.02%
  • CaO/SiO₂ ratio > 3

Applications of magnesiumoxide

DBM is mainly used for the production of refractories, in particular magnesia spinel bricks, magnesia carbon bricks, magnesia bricks, magnesia chrome bricks and magnesia dolomite bricks. These basic refractories are used as lining in kilns to produce steel, cement, glass, lime amongst others. CCM is predominantly used for the production of synthetic magnesia spinel (magnesium aluminate) refractory bricks. It is also used as a raw material for other refractory materials and several other industrial applications, including the production of artificial fertiliser.

Product availability

Nedmag's magnesium oxide is available in different variaties and quantities. Find more information about the products below.

Nedmag99 is available as:

  • Run-of-kiln briquettes
  • Classified fractions 
  • Both in big bags of 1000 kg or in 25 kg paper bags

Nedmag99 magnesium oxide caustic powder is available:

  • in bulk 
  • in 1000 kg bags
DBM briquettes

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Quality of our magnesium oxide

Nedmag99 is exempted from registration and evaluation in accordance with Annex V of REACH (naturally occurring minerals that have not been chemically modified. Our products do not classify as "a substance of very high concern."

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