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We enrich products and improve processes of our partners worldwide with magnesium salt of the purest kind.


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Read about magnesium hydroxide for environmental applications.
Environmental friendly pulp bleaching with magnesium hydroxide.
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Enriching plants, soil and animal feed with mineral salts.
Read about calcium chloride in food and magnesium for wellness.
Kaas maken met calciumchloride
Essential components for drilling fluids.
High purity salts for countless industrial applications.
Safe roads and dedusting with calcium- and magnesium chloride.
Exceptionally pure magnesium oxide for high-quality refractories.

Hydrogen industry consortium: first pilot at Nedmag

Despite great interest, the existing burner control technology to decarbonize industrial production processes are not yet market-ready. Therefore, Nedmag has made its location available for testing with hydrogen.
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Precautions coronavirus for suppliers

Nedmag is carefully monitoring the evolving situation of the COVID-19. Therefore we have taken precautions for suppliers who will visit Nedmag in the upcoming weeks.
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