Nedmag's high-purity salts find their way into countless industrial applications. For example, calcium chloride is suitable for moisture regulation in industrial dryers, among other things. Manufacturer Kisuma even established itself next to Nedmag in order to be as close as possible to the source of unique magnesium salt. Kisuma processes magnesium chloride into a variety of products, including flame retardants.


Like Nedmag, Kisuma uses the unique raw material magnesium chloride. Kisuma's Japanese owner was specifically looking for a location with the purest magnesium salt in the world. His search led him to Nedmag in Veendam. Shortly thereafter, the construction plans were made and the start of an 80-year collaboration between Nedmag and Kisuma was born.

“Neighbouring company Kisuma is much more than a customer”

Construction material

Magnesium chloride and magnesium oxide are used to produce the construction material Sorel cement. Back in the days, the Romans used magnesium already in their buildings, and also the Chinese wall is built with particles of magnesium.

Magnesium wallboards are used instead of traditional gypsum boards. The environmentally friendly building material is fire-resistant as well as sustainable. 

Calcium chloride is used as well in construction material. It is used to accelerate hydration of cement. Especially during winter, cement takes longer to harden because of the lower temperatures. By adding calcium chloride, substantial timesaving can be achieved during building activities. 

Other industrial applications

Calcium chloride is also a common additive in paper recycling processes to remove ink from paper. It helps to achieve the appropriate hardness and improves printing properties of paper. In production of natural rubber, calcium chloride is added as efficient coagulant. Furthermore, it is added in the production of detergents in order to control density.

All products of Nedmag are used in countless other industrial applications. As experienced producer with in-house R&D facilities, we are continuously looking for new possibilities to add value with our products and expertise.

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