Calcium chloride

Calcium chloride (CaCl₂) is one of the most versatile chemicals with endless applications. Nedmag produces high quality calcium chloride suitable for technical, feed and food applications.

CaCl tech - feed - food

Applications of calcium chloride

Calcium chloride is used in many applications. Calcium chloride food grade is used as food ingredient in the food industry (a.o. cheese production). While other grades are used in the oil and gas industry, in fertilisers or animal feed and in road maintenance.

Product availability

Nedmag calcium chloride is produced from the natural minerals bischofite and dolomite. Our calcium chloride is available in liquid form and concentrated prills. Find more information on the products below.

Calcium chloride liquid

Nedmag's calcium chloride is available in bulk as clear liquid in concentrations from 16 to 38%. Different standard concentrations apply to different products:

  • CaCI2 tech: 33, 36 and 38%
  • CaCl2 feed: 36%
  • CaCI2 food: 34 and 36%.
CaCl2 liquid

Calcium chloride prills

Nedmag's calcium chloride prills are solid particles of calcium chloride containing less than 0.5% water. Our calcium chloride prills have a standard concentration of 96%. The prills are available as:

  • 25 kg bags (CaCItech, CaCIfeed and CaCIfood)
  • Bigbags (CaCItech) from 1000 kg
CaCl2 prills

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Quality of our calcium chloride

  • Correspond to EU Food Additive Ordinance 231/2012 standards (E509)
  • Complies to the most recent edition of Food Chemical Codex (FCC)
  • Passes tests for 19 JECFA (1975) and 63 JECFA (2004) 

  • Is used in fertilisers as well as in animal feed.
  • Is of mineral origin and registered as such in the EU Catalogue of feed materials.
  • Meets the requirements of EU Directive 2002/32 regarding undesirable substances in animal nutrition.

Nedmag's calcium chloride has been registered with ECHA in compliance with REACH, the pan-European regulation for the registration, evaluation, and authorisation of chemicals. Registration number: 01-2119494219-28-0016. Our products do not classify as "a substance of very high concern."

CaCIfood and feed liquid and prills meet or exceed the specific requirements for the feed and food industry.

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