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Calcium Chloride

Nedmag’s calcium chloride ,  and  is regarded as one of the most versatile chemicals, as its unique chemical and physical properties enable it to be used for a wide range of applications. The main product applications of Nedmag’s calcium chloride can be found in the:

Calcium chloride liquid

Nedmag’s calcium chloride liquid is available in concentrations from 16 to 38%. The usual standard concentrations are 33%, 36% and 38% for , 36% for , and 34% and 36% for .

Calcium chloride prills

Nedmag’s calcium chloride prills are tiny pellets of calcium chloride (CaCl₂) that contain less than 0.5% water. The usual concentration is 96%. is available in 25-kilo bags and big bags,  and  are available in 25-kilo bags.

Quality and certification

 and  liquid and prills meet or exceed the specific requirements for the feed and food industries.

 for the feed industry:

  • Has mineral origins and as such it is registered in the EU catalogue of feeds. 
  • Meets the requirements of EU Directive 2002/32 regarding unwanted substances in feed. 

 for the food industry:

  • EU Food Additive Regulation 231/2012 (E509)
  • Food Chemical Codex most recent edition
  • 19 JECFA (1975) and 63 JECFA (2004) (Nedmag's calcium chloride passes the Chloride and Calcium test)

Within the framework of REACH, the pan-European legislation for registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals, Nedmag’s calcium chloride is registered with ECHA. The registration number is 01-2119494219-28-0016.

Nedmag's products do not fall under so-called substances of very high concern.

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