Dust control

In cold countries or on construction sites, asphalting is not an option; on such unpaved roads a lot of fine dust particles are blown into the air. Calcium chloride is an extremely effective product for dust control.

Calcium chloride is an extremely effective product for dust control on unpaved roads in cities and along motorways. The product strengthens and stabilises the road surface, allowing for a clean, smooth surface that requires little maintenance and labour. It reduces the fine dust in the air, which benefits the health of road users and local residents.


Dust control is also important on construction sites, as they are accessed by heavy vehicles that create movement in the road surface and cause potholes. Given the limited time that construction sites are used, it is usually too expensive to pave them, but at the same time contractors and local residents suffer from the dust clouds.


  • Over fifty percent reduction in dust density, resulting in cleaner air.
  • Reduction of dust related health risks.
  • A smooth and sturdy road surface that requires less maintenance and labour costs.
  • Lower maintenance costs for vehicles.


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