Magnesium chloride

Nedmag's bischofite magnesium chloride (MgCI₂) has an unique purity. Our magnesium chloride is available in both solid and liquid state.

Nedmag's magnesium chloride, MgCI₂ tech, MgCI₂ feed, is available in flakes and as a solution. The MgCI₂ tech is also available in pellets.  

MgCl tech - MgCl feed

Nedmag's MgCI₂ tech and MgCI₂ feed is exempted from registration and evaluation in accordance with Annex V ‘of REACH (naturally occurring minerals that have not been chemically modified. Our products do not classify as "a substance of very high concern."

Magnesium chloride products

Nedmag’s magnesium chloride solution (32%) is available in bulk quantities in two varieties:

  • PQ (Purified Quality): a transparent liquid for high-grade applications, such as detergents, textiles and feed. Available as MgCI₂ tech and MgCI₂ feed.
  • FQ (Fine Quality): a colourless to pale yellow liquid. FQ is particularly suitable for wastewater treatment, de-icing, dust control, and various industrial applications. Available as MgCI₂ tech.

Magnesium chloride flakes are small white flakes of magnesium chloride hexahydrate (MgCl₂.6H₂O) with a 47% MgCl₂ content. Nedmag’s magnesium chloride flakes are highly suitable for use in oxychloride cement (sorel cement) or for de-icing and dedusting.

Nedmag's magnesium chloride flakes are available as MgCI₂ tech and MgCI₂ feed, in both big bags of 1000 kg and 25 kg bags. 

Magnesium chloride pellets are small, white to transparent pellets of magnesium chloride hexahydrate (MgCl₂.6H₂O) with a 47% MgCl₂ content. The shape of the pellets makes them easy to use for de-icing.

Nedmag's magnesium chloride pellets are available as MgCI₂ tech. The pellets are available on request in 50 lbs bags. 

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