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Magnesium hydroxide

Nedmag’s magnesium hydroxide,  and Mg(OH)2 pulpis a stabilised magnesium hydroxide aqueous suspension with concentrations of 53wt%. The magnesium hydroxide slurry comes with exceptional flow and storage properties. It is synthetically produced from pure magnesium brines in Veendam and dolomitic lime from Belgium. Nedmag’s magnesium hydroxide is mainly utilized in the following applications:

It is also used in a wide variety of industrial processes, such as the production of polymers, paper, rubber, plastics, printing inks, ceramics and fertilisers. 

In compliance with REACH, the pan-European regulation for the registration, evaluation, and authorisation of chemicals, Nedmag’s nedMag H magnesium hydroxide is registered with ECHA, registration number 01-2119488756-18-0015. Nedmag products are not classified as so-called ‘Substances of very high concern’.

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