Flue gas treatment

Burning fossil fuels not only releases energy, but also sulphurous gases that are harmful to the environment. Flue gas desulphurisation systems extract sulphur from the flue gases. An efficient way to do this is by using magnesium hydroxide.

Sulphur extraction is a process in which flue gases are conducted through water. Magnesium hydroxide is then added to absorb the sulphur oxides. The result of this reaction is the formation of magnesium sulphate, a solution which is easy to process or remove. Sulphur extraction reduces environmental impact.

magnesiumhydroxide tech


  • Magnesium hydroxide efficiently desulphurises flue gases.
  • It helps in reduction of acid rain.
  • Magnesium hydroxide is safe to use, unlike other alkali products.

Flue gas cleaning for vessels

In January 2015, the rules on sulphur oxides (SOx) emissions were changed.

For many vessels, this means that existing installations need to be modified. Scrubbers which neutralise sulphur oxides are used to regulate sulphur emissions. Traditionally, caustic soda is used for this, but for safety reasons, magnesium hydroxide is a better alternative. By adding magnesium hydroxide, harmful substances can be captured safely and are no longer released into the environment.

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