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Our conviction

At Nedmag we extract the best magnesium salt every day. We believe that magnesium salt is indispensable. It's essential for the human body to function properly; magnesium salt is in every cell in our body! It is indispensable for many products which we use on a daily basis.

Magnesium salt makes the difference

Our pure magnesium salt can make the difference in a variety of products. It improves the performance, lifespan, or footprint of every application. Without magnesium salt, there would be no cement or steel, for example, no sustainable paper pulp or circular economy. With magnesium salt, roads are de-iced better and medicines are more effective. The air becomes cleaner, animal feed healthier, and cheese tastier.

Discover new possibilities together

The applications for our magnesium salt are diverse. And if you ask us, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We want to continue researching and discovering even more possibilities by working together and sharing knowledge with like-minded partners around the world.

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