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Oil & gas

The world depends on oil and gas for many products in daily life. Countless products are made from oil. For example, oil is the raw material for plastics. Gas is an important fuel for transport and for heating buildings.

"Oil and gas are still essential fuels nowadays."

Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride are widely used for drilling and completion fluids. In completion and workover fluids, functional properties of calcium chloride provide sufficient density to control formation pressures. Furthermore, if the fluid is clean, calcium chloride avoids losses of formation and formation damage. In oil based drilling mud, calcium chloride functions as swelling-agent. 

Nedmag has years of experience in this market and recognizes the need for a clear fluid and efficient logistics. Our calcium chloride contains no insolubles and is low in sulphate and iron content, which ensures a clean product.

CaCl tech - MgCl tech


Distribution & Logistics

Together with a number of partners, storage locations are created around the North sea, enabling us to supply fast and accurately to drilling sites around the North Sea. In addition, we have storage tanks in Emden (Germany) with a capacity of 30,000 tonnes. We also hold strong positions in the Middle East and West Africa. The combination of local production and storage facilities guarantees excellent availability of both liquid and solid products.

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