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Pure Health & Earth is a Nedmag innovation. Our products come directly from the purest source of magnesium chloride; the former Zechstein Sea, situated in the North of the Netherlands.

Salt (NaCl) reduction and replacement is a current global concern. Alternatives are available but magnesium chloride as a single salt for salt reduction had not yet been introduced.

Magnesium chloride can be used in a wide variety of food products and applications for magnesium enrichment and to reduce sodium content. The World Health Organization is pushing for salt reduction and intends to lower the world average of 9g sodium intake per person per day to 5g. National governments are introducing regulations while retailers are also taking steps to reach this goal.

Nedmag is the first producer on the European market to produce and offer a natural Food grade Magnesium chloride. Besides sodium reduction our magnesium chloride is an excellent solution for magnesium enrichment.

With “Pure Health & Earth” we want to add pure value to everyday life. Your natural source of purity.

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