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The world is digital. We are printing less and writing less on paper. Nevertheless, paper is still produced in abundance. Think of paperboard for sending packages, for example, or tissues and other hygiene products. These materials are made from bleached pulp.

Sustainable pulp bleaching

Magnesium hydroxide is used as aid to bleach pulp in a cost effective way. Using magensium hydroxide makes the use of corrosive chemicals more redundant. Together with its partners, Nedmag is continuously searching for ways to improve the bleaching process to make it more sustainable, thereby helping to develop the pulp and paper industry. Read more about these developments on the projectpage

“A new perspective on pulp bleaching”


  • Banmark is a prominent Finnish distributor and service provider for the pulp and paper industry.
  • Strategic collaboration with Imerys to serve the European pulp and paper industry. With a unique combination of technical expertise and practical knowledge, our combined resources place us in an excellent position to serve the pulp and paper industry.

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