Magnesium Chloride in Cheese

Magnesium Chloride Food Grade E511 for sodium reduction in cheese making

The use of magnesium salt in cheese making is an innovative solution to help you
develop a healthier cheese with up to 40% lower sodium content, enriched with
magnesium. It can be easily applied in brine solutions and mixed with regular
sodium salt. It will help you develop your products faster and more cost effective.
In the production of Gouda cheese, brining in a 50/50 mixture of sodium chloride and magnesium chloride results in:

• up to 15% lower sodium content
• up to 120mg/100 grams of cheese in magnesium (32% of recommended daily Mg intake)
• accelerated ripening and taste development of the cheese

Another application is adding magnesium chloride to the curd. With this method it is
possible to produce cheese with an even higher magnesium content and a sodium
reduction of >25% can be reached, allowing for a low sodium claim. With this
method the brining time can be reduced by 40%.

effects on cheese

The positive effects of replacing NaCl with MgCl2 in cheese

The taste development of cheese during the ripening in relation to the added MgCl2

ripening of cheese

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