Drinking water

Magnesium chloride from Nedmag is suitable for the treatment and production of drinking water. The quality magnesium chloride aqua is certified for this purpose.

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Nedmag has a pure raw material and its own production facilities to guarantee the quality of its products. In addition to the existing variants of magnesium chloride, such as for technical applications and animal feed, there is now also a quality for drinking water: MgCl₂ aqua.

Remineralisation of drinking water

Magnesium chloride aqua is specifically for enrichment of drinking water with magnesium. This is necessary when minerals have been removed by the purification process and then have to be added again. This process is also known as remineralization.

Magnesium chloride in other applications

Magnesium chloride can also be an enrichment in other foods and drinks, such as sports drinks. The product is added in sports drinks for example to replenish the magnesium content in the body more quickly after water loss. It may also be necessary to add magnesium if desalinated drinking water contains too little magnesium.


The certification for magnesium chloride aqua, and all other certifications can be viewed on the page about corporate responsibility.

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