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Refractory bricks

Nedmag has many years of experience and is a leader in the market for high-quality DBM. The unique characteristics and the synthetic production process guarantee the bricks' suitability for kilns used in the production of cement and steel.

Nedmag is one of the few producers in the world able to produce almost ninety-nine percent pure DBM, hence the product name Nedmag99. Most DBM suppliers cannot surpass 97 percent. Higher purity leads to better refractory properties.


Nedmag99 is used in magnesia spinel bricks and magnesia carbon bricks, which can withstand the highest possible mechanical, chemical, and thermal pressure. Many cement and steel producers are switching to alternative fuels in order to reduce their burden on the environment. This may cause more thermal stress in the kiln due to local overheating. Nedmag99  is particularly suitable for this purpose because it makes the oven resistant to these high temperatures.


  • High density of at least 3.4 g/cmᶟ.
  • Low lime content, which reduces the risk of corrosion.
  • No free lime, which leads to insensitivity to hydration.
  • A high lime/silica ratio, which reduces wear.
  • A low controlled boron content, which prevents the formation of low melting points.
  • Extremely homogeneous microstructure due to the synthetic process.

The use of Nedmag99 in the upper and lower transition zones of the rotary kiln optimises operation and increases the value.

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