Nedmag launches new brand and new product at Food Ingredients Exhibition

Nedmag launches new brand and new product at Food Ingredients Exhibition


During this year’s Food Ingredients Exhibition on November 28, 29 and 30 in Frankfurt,
magnesium producer Nedmag will launch a new brand and a new product. The new
product Magnesium Chloride Food Grade Crystals is part of the new brand Pure Health
& Earth. With this product Nedmag intends to actively contribute with a solution to the
World Health Organization’s call to consume less sodium.

Salt reduction & magnesium enrichment
With the Pure Health & Earth brand, Nedmag is focusing on both salt reduction in food as
well as on magnesium enrichment in food and health applications. Reducing sodium and
enriching products with magnesium is possible in applications such as cheese making,
bakery and the processing of meat and fish. Adding magnesium has many benefits. It will
reduce kneading times in bakery applications and will enhance the texture benefit the taste
when making cheese. In meat and fish applications we’ve found that a salt reduction of up to
50% can be reached.

Earlier this year, Nedmag has already launched a magnesium-enriched cheese called
Veendammer under the Pure Health & Earth brand in collaboration with cheesemaker Slob.
What makes the Veendammer unique is that the sodium in the cheese has been partially
replaced with magnesium.

Health benefits
Magnesium has a positive effect on the health of the human body. Among many other things,
magnesium contributes to maintaining strong bones and strong muscles. Veendammer
cheese contains 120mg of magnesium per 100 grams of cheese which contributes to 32% of
the recommended daily intake of magnesium.

Pure Health & Earth
The Pure Health & Earth brand finds its origin in the extremely pure magnesium salt
deposits, 1600 meters below Veendam in the Dutch province of Groningen. With this natural
pure source of purity, Nedmag adds value to the health of humans, animals, crops and the

Food Ingredients Exhibition
The Food Ingredients Exhibition is the largest of its kind. Nedmag and Pure Health & Earth
can be found at stand 3.0J63.