Magnesium Supplement of the Year 2018

Every year, the Supplement of the Year is chosen at the National Health Fair. Once again this year thousands of visitors at the fair voted for their favourite supplement, vitamin, or mineral. Magnesium is important for muscle relaxation and energy in the body. Magnesium has been chosen as Supplement of the Year 2018.

Magnesium flakes

Last year's supplement of the year was vitamin D. The vitamin must now make way for magnesium. What makes magnesium special? First of all, it is indispensable in the human body; the mineral gives the body energy and makes you less sensitive to stress. This is because magnesium has a calming effect which makes it easier for muscles to relax. Athletes benefit greatly from magnesium: muscles recover faster, resulting in reduced muscle ache and stiffness. Because of this fast recovery, athletes can train more often, ultimately resulting in better performance.

Many people have a magnesium deficiency, for various reasons. Magnesium is absorbed through food. Spinach, avocado, bananas, legumes, and soy beans are examples of vegetables and fruit with a high magnesium content. A magnesium deficiency may be caused by a poor diet, but the fact that the magnesium content in our food is increasingly low may also play a role. An unhealthy lifestyle and medication can also influence the development of a magnesium deficiency. Symptoms of a magnesium deficiency include cramp, tired muscles, and lethargy. Due to its relaxing effect, it is a very effective remedy for restless legs.

There is a unique layer of magnesium salt in the ground under Veendam. This layer of salt is the remnants of the Zechstein Sea, a primeval sea full of minerals and salts, which dried up 250 million years ago. The magnesium salt in this salt layer is incredibly pure. Nedmag extracts this magnesium salt for a variety of applications. Nedmag is also a shareholder of Zechstein, a company that processes the magnesium salt into products that are suitable for magnesium absorption through the skin.

Source: Article NPN