TIMAB MAGNESIUM & NEDMAG announce Strategic Partnership for Marine Gas Scrubber Systems

Magnesium Producers NEDMAG and TIMAB MAGNESIUM have announced a strategic partnership for development and commercialization of Magnesium Hydroxide in Marine Gas Scrubber Systems.


Market developments

Since January 2015, regulations over Sulphur Oxides (SOx) emission from the marine industry have been significantly tightened, in Sulphur Emission Control Area especially. A new set of regulations will come into force on January 1st 2020, governing all oceans and seas of the globe.

Among the technical alternatives available to the maritime industry to face this environmental challenge, Marine Gas Scrubber Systems are due to play a prominent role by dramatically reducing SOx content in vessels’ exhaust. Ahead of this transformation of the maritime industry, NEDMAG and TIMAB MAGNESIUM have jointly developed an innovative Magnesium Hydroxide product called MH53S MARE with the objective of offer vessels’ owners, operators and their crews the best alkali source for their scrubber operations.

We strongly believe in the added value of partnerships to gain the maximum benefit for our customers"


MH53S MARE combines a very effective and safe alkali power with extremely high purity and best-in-class stability properties. Contrary to alternative alkali sources, MH53S MARE is a non-hazardous material, which contributes positively to crew safety.

After several years of successful use of MH53S MARE on board several vessels, NEDMAG and TIMAB MAGNESIUM are proud to bring this solution to the industry on a global scale. By combining their strengths, the two partners aim at improving further technical support as well as optimizing supply chain options available to each single vessel operator, all over the world. On top, production capacity at Nedmag has already been doubled in 2018, with an additional expansion planned to support the industry’s growing demand.


In the framework of this partnership, TIMAB MAGNESIUM handles the distribution of MH53S MARE to the maritime industry, with NEDMAG offering its expertise supporting the development of this environmentally friendly solution from a technical point of view.

Alex Medendorp, Sales and Marketing director of Nedmag, is pleased with this new cooperation. “This approach fits very well in the vision of our company. We strongly believe in the added value of partnerships to gain the maximum benefit for our customers. With TIMAB Magnesium we have found the right partner to establish MH53S MARE as the reference in marine gas scrubbers.”

François Mazaré, Industrial & Environmental Applications Director with TIMAB MAGNESIUM adds: “Along with NEDMAG, we are offering to the market a product with excellent performances, as well as a service tailor made to the maritime industry requirements. We are extremely proud to contribute to a solution for the SOx emission challenge faced by the maritime industry." 

About Timab

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a.medendorp [at] nedmag.nl, sales & marketing director Nedmag
francois.mazare [at] roullier.com or visit www.timabmagnesium.com