Food additives

Nedmag produces a high-quality calcium chloride suitable as food additive. For example, Nedmag's calcium chloride is an additive in cheese production during curdling, in beer production for (re)mineralization and in fruit and vegetable preserves to preserve its structure.

calciumchloride food

Nedmag calcium chloride is suitable as a food additive, ingredient and as a process aid. Nedmag supplies high-quality calcium chloride tested in our own laboratory with modern analysis techniques to guarantee the best quality every day.

Cheese production

The mineral calcium chloride is a widely used additive for the production of cheese. It is used to increase the size and strength of the curds. Calcium chloride is frequently added to milk at the start of cheese making as a coagulation aid. Adding calcium chloride also increases the effectiveness of rennet.


To ensure that beer tastes the same everywhere, regardless of the processing location, beer brewers demineralise the water at the beginning of the production process. Under controlled conditions, new minerals are then added to the water to improve taste (remineralize). The use of calcium chloride influences the taste and chemical reactions during the brewing process, and may also affect the yeast's activity during the fermentation process.

Shelf life of fruits and vegetables

Different types of vegetables such as pickles, and legumes such as beans can be preserved. Calcium chloride is often added to ensure a longer shelf life or retention of structure. Fresh vegetables and fruit can also be treated with calcium chloride after harvesting for a longer shelf life. Read more about this on calcium in fruit growing.

Other applications

Calcium chloride can perform multiple functions as an ingredient. It is used as a thickener and can be added to sports drinks and mineral water. Calcium chloride can also play a role in low sodium products. The reason that international food producers such as FrieslandCampina and Krombacher choose Nedmag is because of the product's very high purity and because we have all critical production factors well under control.

"CaCl2 food: perfectly produced in The Netherlands"

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More information

Calcium chloride is a permitted food additive within the European Union and may be used as a sequestering and thickening agent. The American Food and Drug Association has designated it as "generally recognised as safe—GRAS". Calcium chloride complies with the Food Chemical Codex and the JECFA.

Nedmag has its own laboratory for quality control during the process and on end products. Modern analysis techniques are used to determine the various chemical elements, such as inductively coupled plasma (ICP-AES) and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF).

The analyses carried out by the Nedmag laboratory on the specific properties that are important for the food industry are verified by an accredited external laboratory every quarter.

Nedmag is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSSC 22000 and GMP+ cerified.


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