Energy transition: successful greengas intake

Being fully independent of fossil fuels by 2035: that is our goal. Together with our partner and neighbour Henk van Oosten (Bio-Energy Veendam) we have successfully completed the green gas project. With the intake of green gas, an important step has been taken in Nedmag's energy transition towards 2035.

Together with partnersbio energie veendam

In order to make Nedmag's energy consumption greener, we collaborated with our partner and neighbour V.O.F. Bio-Energy Veendam. The project's aim is to reduce Nedmag's natural gas consumption by 10-15% (the first year) specifically through converting green gas into heat.

Green gas: how it works

green gas

  1. Cows produce manure
  2. Manure is fermented into biogas in the Van Oosten fermenter
  3. Biogas is upgraded to green gas
  4. Nedmag takes in green gas to replace natural gas

Result in 2019

A reduction of our natural gas consumption by 10-15%.


Our ambition is to increase the intake of green gas in the coming years up to 40%. Furthermore, we are looking at other sustainable forms of energy (wind- and solar energy or hydrogen gas) for or energy intake to become fully sustainable by 2035. 

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