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Protection from cardiovascular disease by Magnesium

Cardiovascular disease in chronic kidney disease: The intermediary role of calciprotein particles and protection by magnesium.

Vascular disease, including inflammation and calcification, underlies one of the most important threats to public health. In kidney disease, these processes occur at accelerated pace, posing high risk to these patients. In turn, this provides opportunity to study and intervene underlying mechanisms more efficiently, and results may be translated to other populations as well. Among others, magnesium provides vascular protection. The effect of increased magnesium intake via nutrition on these underlying mechanisms will be studied.

Three Dutch universities (Vumc, RadboudUMC and UMCG) joined forces with Nedmag and two other committed companies (Fresenius Medical Care and Calciscon) to study these mechanisms to develop novel treatment concepts and protocols. The study will be performed during a time period of 4 years.

"We believe that our magnesium salt can mean infinitely more to the world. We want to discover and investigate the possibilities by working together and sharing knowledge with like-minded partners."

Want to know more about the role of magnesium in this study? Visit the website of Health Holland.

Source: Health Holland

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