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Oil & Gas Exploration

Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride are used in several applications to improve efficiency and production in new or existing wells. Calcium chloride has many uses in establishing and maintaining oil wells, in drilling mud, completion and workover fluids, concrete accelerator and in packer fluids. For example, it helps well fluids to obtain the required consistency, increases density and stabilises shale formations. Magnesium chloride is used in specific layers as a completion and packer fluid, it seals well casings and displaces drilling mud. Calcium chloride is also used as a final processing step to remove haze from petroleum products.

In collaboration with a number of partners, Nedmag has created a number of stock locations around the North Sea, enabling us to supply drilling locations in the North Sea quickly and accurately. In addition, we have a storage facility in Emden (Germany) with a capacity of 10,000 Mt. The combination of local production and storage facilities ensures a good availability of both liquid and solid products.

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