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nedMag 99 (CCM & DBM)

, a high-grade synthetic dead burned magnesium oxide (DBM), is an important raw material for basic refractories used in the cement and steel industry, which is by far the main application. Examples of non-refractory applications include neutralising acid waste streams and leather tanning. With an annual output of more than 170,000 tonnes Nedmag has become the world’s largest producer of synthetic DBM.

 Characteristics of are:

  • high purity MgO content > 98%
  • low Boron content < 0.02%
  • CaO / SiO₂ ratio > 3

is available both as run of kiln briquettes and classified in fractions, depending on customer requirements. The classified products are delivered in BigBags or 25kg paper bags, whichever is most convenient for our customers.

magnesium oxide caustic powder is a high-grade soft-burned magnesium oxide.

It is predominantly used for the manufacture of synthetic spinel (magnesium aluminate). Besides this application, caustic is used in other raw material formulations for refractory products and for several industrial applications, such as water treatment and the production of fertilisers.

magnesium oxide caustic is available loose in bulk and in big bags of 1 Mt.

Nedmag’s magnesium oxide (nedMag 99) is exempt from registration and evaluation in accordance with appendix V of REACH (substances occurring in nature which are not chemically modified). Nedmag products are not classified as so-called ‘Substances of very high concern’.

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