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Magnesium enriches agriculture

As a farmer, you take care of your land and/or animals as best as possible, so that they provide you with a good harvest or an abundance of milk. Nedmag's magnesium chloride can help you achieve this. Together with our partner Farmin, we introduce farmers all over the Netherlands to the advantages of magnesium chloride in slurry.

Manure enrichment with magnesium chloride is still relatively unknown, but it has many advantages. Adding magnesium chloride to manure creates struvite. Struvite attaches itself to soil particles, giving crops and grass all the time they need to absorb important minerals and grow better. Crops get firmer leaves and a better root structure, grass becomes tastier and more digestible for livestock. In addition, less fertiliser is required, which saves costs!

Healthier and more productive livestock

Another positive effect of adding magnesium chloride is the binding of ammonia. This strong smelling gas is normally released when manure is spread. Some ammonia is also released in the barn. The gas not only causes odour nuisance, but is also harmful for the environment. Magnesium chloride binds the manure, so that little or no ammonia is released. Richer crops, richer grass, and a healthier climate in the barn due to lower emissions will ultimately lead to healthier livestock. The animals need fewer supplements and are healthier and more productive.

"Manure enrichment with magnesium chloride: healthier crops, healthier livestock"

Continuous development

Our partner Farmin has already assisted several farmers in adding FarMIN-g (magnesium chloride) to their slurry. Based on the experiences of farmers, we are continuously developing this new application further. Farmers are increasingly becoming acquainted with the advantages of FarMIN-g. 80% of the farmers on Ameland have switched to FarMIN-G.

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